Gateway 3ds NEW ULTRA for New 3DS will be released soon

As we know that Gateway 3ds ULTRA 3.0.1 has been released on 10th, Jan. 2015, but v3.0.1 ONLY supports 3DS/2DS/3DSXL(You can refer to another post of mine about this news: Gateway 3DS has publicly released ULTAR 3.0.1). But now, some New 3ds users are also looking forward to that when the new ULTAR supportting New… Read More »

Gateway 3DS has publicly released ULTRA 3.0.1

Gateway 3DS ULTRA 3.0.1 has been publicly released (You can download it here) . There two features for this update: 1. SPI test bug has been fixed in Diagnostics menu. You can crack all 4.5~9.2 formal system of 3DS/2DS/3DSXL via it. 2. Downgrade function has been added. ( But Gateway team ONLY suggested the users… Read More »

SUPERCARD DSTWO Plus will be released soon!Great!!

It has been comfirmed by someone that supercard dstwo plus flashcart now is under producing and the first batch of DSTWO + will be released SOON. What a great news!! According to DSTWO official team’s mail as below, it seems that dstwo plus will be better than GATEWAY as its powerful functions like cheating and… Read More »

How to setup 5.0+ firmware for GATEWAY 3DS

In this post, we will introduce a method about how to setup 5.0+ firmware for GATEWAY 3DS flashcart. As this guide was not released by GATEWAY 3DS official team,Please DO NOT operate as follow. I just share with some  GATEWAY 3DS users, so that those guys will be familar with the method before official release.… Read More »

How to upgrade emunand system by game roms for GATEWAY 3DS

Test Environment 1. Nitendo 3DS (US), system version v4.4.0-10u, emunand system version GW3D 4.4.0-10U. 2. GATEWAY firmware 2.3b 3. Game rom: Chaos Faction ( US ) Operation Manual: Step 1: Make a emunand system If you never make a emunand system, you need to make a emunand system first(please select “Format emunand” in GATEWAY menu),otherwise… Read More »

Can GATEWAY 3DS support v9.4 ?

As we all know that Nitendo 3DS has released the latest system version v9.4.0-21. And GATEWAY 3DS can only work on v4.1~4.5 3DS consoles currently. But some GATEWAY 3DS flashcart uers doubt whether GATEWAY can support v9.4.0-21 or not. According to the recent update from GATEWAY 3DS team, it seems that GATEWAY 3DS can ONLY… Read More »

More featured updates for GATEWAY 3DS next firmware release!!

As GATEWAY 3DS users know, GW team is still working on supporting over v4.5 to v9.2. We waited too long, but now this update will be released soon according to GW official state, you can refer as below. If you want to play games on your 3DS v9.2/9.3/9.4 via flashcart, we recommend R5SDHC/SKY3DS, especially SKY3DS,… Read More »