How to upgrade emunand system by game roms for GATEWAY 3DS

By | December 31, 2014

Test Environment
1. Nitendo 3DS (US), system version v4.4.0-10u, emunand system version GW3D 4.4.0-10U.
2. GATEWAY firmware 2.3b
3. Game rom: Chaos Faction ( US )

Operation Manual:
Step 1: Make a emunand system
If you never make a emunand system, you need to make a emunand system first(please select “Format emunand” in GATEWAY menu),otherwise you will upgrade your original sysytem mistakenly.

How to Judge whether your console is with a emunand system or not:
Crack into GATEWAY mode, select system settings, please see if there’s a “GW3D” before the version number.If there is, this means it’s a emunand system,you can restart your console and get to the next step. If there isn’t, this means your console is not with a emunand system, so you must make a emunand system.

*Press and hold “L”, enter into “Nintendo DS Profile”, or  don’t insert the red card of GATEWAY flashcart, then you can crack into GATEWAY menu.
*After crack into GATEWAY menu, select “Format Emunand system”.
*Maybe you will see a warning like below,so you’d better backup your files in the SD card before format it, then press “START” to make a emunand system.
*It will take few minutes to format emunand, this depends on the speed of your SD card.
*Press A to back when finish emunand system, then you can get into Step 2.

Step 2: Please press the “↑”  of DPAD button when you crack into GATEWAY mode.

Step 3: Please select a higher version game rom of the same region with your console under  GATEWAY mode.

Step 4: Press A to run the rom and follow the prompts.
*You will see a prompt like below, please follow it to continue your upgrade.
*Please select “Accept”
*It will require you to connect with the power.(It doesn’t matter if you don’t operate follow this, as it will only take few minutes to finish your upgrade)

*Start upgrade
Few minutes later.
*Finish upgrade and restart your console.
*Enter into emunand system mode after restart, you will see the “miiverse” icon like this(If you upgrade your emunand system under v6.x, you won’t see this icon, it’s normal)
*Emunand sysytem v8.x interface, be noted that the three little green men and camera shortcut icons tuuned from  L orR of  original V4.x into L+R.
It will be displayed as GW3D 8.1.0-10U in your systme settings, the last 10U is NVer.,the version of the network related modules. NVer. hasn’t been upgaraded as you must connect to internet then you can upgrade, but it doesn’t have any effects to your flashcart if you don’t upgrade NVer. But you need to upgrade the NVer if you want to login eshop.

NOTE: This method is also available to the classic mode, but you need a genuine cassette instead of a game rom, and result is the same.