A easy method to dump the game roms bought from e-shop for GATEWAT 3DS

By | December 10, 2014

We will introduce a method in this post to help GATEWAY 3DS user dump game roms bought from e-shop.It’s easier and more convinient than via server, at least you will not suffer some inexplicable mistakes,and all the source is already in your SD card. Although we can not completely replace, but this method can be another dump assisted method.

Before dump, we need prepare something as below.
A new SD card.
If you save too much files in the SD card of your console , it will take a long time to decrypt. So only copy the files you want to dump, we’ll name this NEW SD card “dump SD card”. I have prepared a set of tools here , you can operate refer to the munual as below.

Step 1.

1)The path that make_SDgen.bat operated the parameters, is the path when you have copied the files to your dump SD card and connected to PC.
2)Before run make_SDgen.bat, you need copy all the games number files in file of “00040000”from the original SD card to your dunm SD card. You can delete something unnecessary, such as if you want to dump Fire Emblem you have downloaded, the game NO. of Fire Emblem is 00072000, you can copy the folder to the subfolder of 00040000 in your dump SD card. Of course you can decrypt many games in one time.
3)In brief, put the folder into dump SD card first, then run it, you could get a “SDinfo.bin” file
4)Please copy the generated “SDinfo.bin” to the root directory of dump SD card.

Step 2.
Copy Launcher.dat、MsetForBoss.dat、slot0x25KeyX.bin and the generated SDinfo.bin in Step 1 into dump SD card.

Step 3.
Please select the second item of menu and then run it just like run GATEWAY 3DS flashcart.When the operation is finished, force shutdown and then take out SD card. Please connect to PC, you will find many files like “title.00040000.00072000.000000**.app.xorpad. Copy all the  ***.app.xorpad files in a same number and a file”***.tmd.xorpad” into the file in Step 4.

Step 4.

1)Copy all the  “***.app.xorpad” files in a same number, a file of “***.tmd.xorpad” and all the original files corresponded to the game ID file of tile of Nintendo 3DS file,which haven’t been eclassified yet, then put all these files in a same folder.
2)Right-click xor_out.bat to edit the batch command:
padxorer 000000XX.app title.00040000.[game ID].content.000000XX.app.xorpad
For example,Fire Emblem:
padxorer 00000001.app title.00040000.00072000.content.00000001.app.xorpad
padxorer 00000002.app title.00040000.00072000.content.00000002.app.xorpad
padxorer 00000000.tmd title.00040000.00072000.content.00000000.tmd.xorpad
3)When your edition is finished,000000XX.app.out and 000000XX.tmd.out will be generated.

Step 5.
1)Copy 000000XX.app.out and 000000XX.tmd.out to this folder, just delete the tail of “.out”, the files will be changed into ***.app and ***.tmd.
2)Right-click to edit the file, change all the corresponded files into tmd. and card format.(Parameter is card 1 or card 2.). If your system is system 32, you need to use makerom_x86.exe instead, just change the name, such as:
SDto3DS.py 00000000.tmd card2
3)Save it and then close. Run make3ds.bat, a file like [folder]+game ID.3ds will be generated,after you run Fire Emblem,a file “0004000000072000.3ds” will be generated. That’s all.

1)There’s a important precondition that the Encryption method of emuNanded sysytem 9.x and real system 4.x must be the same, in other words,4.x and emuNanded 9.x must be never restored factory settings.(I have repeated many times, do not restore factory settings unless you have no choice.)
2)This method just supports the first dump. If your file has been transfer into CIA format and then operate like this, the roms you dumped cannot run.