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R4i GOLD 3DS/SKY3DS/R5SDHC support the lastest Nintendo 3DS system V9.3.0-21U.

To let 3DS users have more comfortable use experience, Nintendo has upgraded their 3DS system to V9.3.0-21U today.According to the official change logs issued by Nintendo, Many users will get more  funny features with their consoles update. However this will affect some 3DS flashcart users, as some flashcarts cannot be workable after Nitendo sysytem update… Read More »

3DS is updated to 3DS V8.0.0-18

Today 3DS is updated to 3DS V8.0.0-18, if you do not play 3DS games, so you can update it to the newest version. Let us check some popular flashcards if can pass this updating. R4i Gold 3DS supporting the newest 3DS V8.0.0-18 directly ! (2014.07.08)  


We thank everyone for their praise and feedback regarding our latest firmware which brought homebrew and online play support. With each new firmware update we prove to be unrivalled in our originality, ingenuity and support. Innovation and fantastic product support are the key ideas that sets us apart from the imitators. These key ideas are… Read More »

3DS is updated to 7.2.0-17

Though Nintendo’s website still shows 7.1.0-16 this time, but in fact 3DS is updating to 7.2.0-17 now. If you use a 3ds below 4.5 to pay 3ds games with gateway 3ds, please ignore this message and must not do any update action. From, we know the updated details about 7.2.0-17: Update released: May 12th,… Read More »