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SKY3DS has released the latest Diskwriter 1.04 and confirmed test OK

Yesterdy SKY3DS just released the latest Diskwriter 1.04. You can download it here. And it has been tested that users can copy games via it successfullly, EEprom status were displayed as “NO”. Game-copy test, select “Verify” on the upper right. EEprom status will be displayed as “NO” once test finished, and you can test save… Read More »

Sky3ds 10-limit games cracked tool which saves perfectly[Sky3DScTool.exe]

Sky3ds 10-limit games cracked tool which saves perfectly[Sky3DScTool.exe] English version download here: SKY3DS 74,80€ R5SDHC 74,80€   Note: The crack has risk! 【Burning】 Test Environment: 1)1*NEW 3DS LL 9.2 2)1*SKY3DS 3)2*TF card TF card A: 10 roms + another 11th pocket rom TF card B: roms not these 10+1 roms To avoid confusion!!! Rationale: The 3DS game ROM by Sky3DSCrack Tool-converter allows sky3ds considered NoEEPROM format, with modifications template.txt sky3ds bypass authentication, ie let the outside limit of ten games archive… Read More »

SKY3DS Modification Proposal 2: How to save 10+ games data without putting the memory outside, electronic knowledge is not requested

I have posted a blog about how to save 10+ game data this before with SKY3DS, you can reffer to it here. But some friends told me the outside memory is easy to be accidentally knocked off. So today I have thought out anther solution and it has been tested by myself. I planned… Read More »