Gateway 3DS: 3DS0450 – Pokemon X MULTi7 [game data is corrupted]

By | May 6, 2014

When you run 3DS0450 – Pokemon X MULTi7 with gateway 3ds, you may encounter such a situation below:

The saved game data is corrupted ….

3DS0450 - Pokemon X-1

This is not because gateway 3ds, and this is caused because the game archive by .sav.

You can do this: ↑+B+X .

After three keys to delete archived games, you will run it fine!

3DS0450 - Pokemon X-2

BTW, if you order gateway 3ds with TF card from 3DSEU.COM, you will get 3DS0450 – Pokemon X MULTi7 ROM in TF card!

If you do not find where to download Pokemon X MULTi7 ROM, pls give us a reply! Thanks!