Can GATEWAY 3DS support v9.4 ?

By | December 29, 2014

As we all know that Nitendo 3DS has released the latest system version v9.4.0-21. And GATEWAY 3DS can only work on v4.1~4.5 3DS consoles currently. But some GATEWAY 3DS flashcart uers doubt whether GATEWAY can support v9.4.0-21 or not.

According to the recent update from GATEWAY 3DS team, it seems that GATEWAY 3DS can ONLY support v9.2 later in next firmware update, but can’t support the latest v9.4.0-21.

So if your console is V9.0~V9.2, you can wait the next firmware update.If your console is v9.3 or v9.4, we recommend sky3ds to you which support v9.3 and v9.4 purfectly!!