How to save, backup and restore your data by save data converter Sky3DScTool_v106 for SKY3DS

By | January 5, 2015

In this post, we will introduce how to save, backup, and restore data by  Sky3DScTool_v106 for SKY3DS . ( You can download Sky3DScTool_v106 here )

1.0.6 update:
Add TYPE save data parameter display. (Some game roms need correct TYPE parameter to backup correct save data, and also can restore save data successfully. Like Paper Mario, we have tested it could be export, import, and restore save data.)
Algorithm optimized.
Other fixes.

1.0.5 update:
Restoring and backuping save data have been settled. You can export or import EEPROM as NO type save data by SKY3DS’s official tool DW. The size of each rom save data is 10MB. It has been tested that you could save data and backup perfectly, no losing data or damaged data.

1.0.4 update:
Some simple fixes.

1.0.3 update:
Add “Restore Conversion” function.
Add card type display. Add EEPROM display.
Add ID display Other fixes.

1.0.2 update:
Support 4GB game rom save data.

1.0.1 update:
Memory overflow fixed.


(Please check the following pictures. It is the shotscreen before transfer if it’s displayed as YES. If it is displayed as NO, it is the shotscreen after transfer, and you can revise the template and then start your copy, please be noted.)
The converter program interface,a TYPE column has been added, some roms need this parameter to export normal save and restore data, such as Paper Mario.
Related instruction: If the datas of TYPE colum are not all FF, you can base on this data to replace the corresponding data in template, such as C2 F00 00 98 in above picture.
A prompt of replacing instruction.
Replace the corresponding data in template, a kind remind that the data of the 6th row in template is corresponding to the ID colum in converter program.
Miku Flick/02, TYPE is all FF, so you can revise as original method. 4GB is F0 00 98.
Click “Instructions”,a Prompt window will be popuped and tell you how to use TYPE value.
As TYPE value is all FF, so we revise according to the original method.
TYPE colums are all FF in the converter, so we can revise according to the original method, reivse 4GB as F0 00 98.
As the ID colum of converter is all FF, so the 6th row of template should be all FF, please refer to the pirture.
Paper Mario(JP), CTR-P-AG5J
Revise template promt according to the prompt.
Revise the 5th to the 8th value in 2nd row into the TYPE value C2 FA 00 98 of the converter.
Revise the template of Paper Mario.
The content of the 6th in template is correspording to the ID colum of converter