How to setup 5.0+ firmware for GATEWAY 3DS

By | January 4, 2015

In this post, we will introduce a method about how to setup 5.0+ firmware for GATEWAY 3DS flashcart. As this guide was not released by GATEWAY 3DS official team,Please DO NOT operate as follow. I just share with some  GATEWAY 3DS users, so that those guys will be familar with the method before official release.

Somethings requested before test:
A 3DS(Firmware v5.0 or higher, but lower than v9.4)
A workable wifi and internet connection profile in your 3DS.(Remenber that DO NOT urn on the 3DS wifi until the right step to avoid automatic update nag window)
A PC or device with a web browser and internet connection
One Mii character(Which has been already created in your console, if you don’t have at least on
Mii character, you can not get to the QR Scan option.)

Operation Manual
Step 1: Open your Mii maker
Step 2:Select “QR Code/Image Option”
Step 3: Select  “Scan QR Code”
Please go to the GATEWAY QR page(link coming soon) on your web browsing device(preferable a PC), select your MODEL(Old/New 3DS) and firmware version. My console is NEW 3DSXL(9.0.0-20E).

You can turn your wifi switch on, if your console is 3DS with a wifi switch.If your console is New 3DS, you can press HOME botton then press settings button(on the top left conrner, just like a house with wrench on it). Scroll down to “Wireless Communication/NFC” , press HOME twice, and then it will return to the QR Scanner.

Point your 3DS at the QR Code on your web device.
Note: It’s not a real code from the GATEWAY site,don’t scan it.

At this time, your screen will flash white then go into black, you must wait a the black screen(They maybe add text late? I’m not sure) until download Stage 1 payload from gateways seivers and install it to the sysytem profile. When all these have been finished, you can restart your console.

Now turn off your wifi as you don’t need it any more.

Insert GATEWAY red card to your console.You system will be freezed for a while, but when you control it again, please press SELECT to open the Multi-ROM menu, then choose a game rom and enjoy your playing.