How to use GATEWAY 3DS firmware 2.7

By | December 15, 2014

Today we will introduce how to use GATEWAY 3DS firmware 2.7 in this post.

First, we need to prepare something as below:
GATEWAY 3DS flashcart*1(including blue card & red card)
3DS console*1(V4.1~V4.5)
mirco SD card 1*1( to place GATEWAY 3DS blue card firmware )
micro SD card 2*1( to place 3DS roms )
SD card of 3DS console ( to place GATEWAY 3DS files and game save files)

Step 1: Set up GATEWAY 3DS bule card
Download GATEWAY 3DS firmware 2.7 here: GW 2.7 “OMEGA”.You will get a file named ““.
extract and then open it to check the files.

Open the Blue Card folder.

Copy all files to the root of mirco SD card 1, then insert card 1 to GATEWAY 3DS bule card, and then insert the blue card to your 3DS console.

Step 2: Power on and click GATEWAY installer icon .
Click ” GW ” icon.
Press A to continue.
Select your console Version.
Press A
Click HOME to return to HOME mune.

Step 3: Setting up your SD card.
Open the file ” GW_OMEGA_2.7 ” we just extracted, then open the second folder, we will get “launchaer.dat”, copy it to the root of SD card, and then insert your SD card to 3DS console.

Step 4: Enter into GW mode.
Click “system settings”->”other settings”->”profile”->”DS profile”, then you can enter into GW mode.

Step 5: set up GATEWAY 3DS red card
Copy the game roms you have downloaded to micro SD card 2, insert card 2 to red card, then insert red card to your 3DS console. Click the boot GATEWAY mode icon .
Then the screen will return to HOME screen, just select and click the game icon you want to play. Now you can enioy your games!