SKY3DS Modification Proposal 1:It’s so easy to save 10+ game data

By | December 4, 2014

It’s so easy for SKY3DS flashcard to save 10+ game data

First let us have a brief explaination about the operation of SKY3DS flashcard:
Insert TF card to SKY then insert SKY to your console. SKY will read the roms in your TF card, please press A to enter the game, then SKY will read the save data, if there is no data or the data doesn’t correspond to the game, SKY will load the save data in TF card. Next, you can run the game, and press HOME to exit it.Please be noted that the game save data hasn’t been saved to TF card, it just was saved to SKY memory, you need press the red switch key and then SKY will write back the save data from memory to TF card.When the writeback is completed, you can switch to the next game. So you must remenber to press the red switch key once you exit a game , then switch to the next game when the data has been written back, finally you can shutdown or pull out your card, otherwise all the data won’t be saved to your card.

Next we will introduce how to save game data for 10+ games.
Insert TF card to SKY, then insert SKY to you console, SKY will read the roms in your TF card, press red switch button for 5 seconds when the game appreared on screen, SKY will enter into a kind of debug mode(I don’t think this is a bug, it maybe a set-up of SKY, just like if you press few times or press few seconds , there will be a special function, such as brush machine, debug, etc.). Under this debug mode, press A to enter a game, as there is no save data in your TF card, if there is no save data in the SKY memory or the data doesn’t correspond to the game, it will establish a new data,but the save data of this time has just been saved to SKY memory. Next, you can run the game, and press HOME to exit it.Now the question is that as we cannot press the red switch key to switch game,althongh you enter the setup to exit the game to switch to the next, save data in memory card won’t be written back to your TF card. That is to say you could run the game for only one time, but the save data will be lost when you run the game next time(Of course you can only play this game and don’t play other games, so that the save data won’t be lost) .

Accordingly, I changed the memory25Q16 into plug-in type,namely I moved the memory which saved all the data we played before to the outside.The market price of a W25Q16 is very cheap, this is to say you can get a memory with a little money, moreover all these memory card cans be repeatedly erased. I have bought 5 pcs, one for 10-games as a temporary memory card, other 4 pcs for 10+ games as memory cards.When you save game data during running game, press HOME to exit,the save data in 25Q16 memory of SKY is the save data we just played, then you can pull out 25Q16 and connect to PC via programmer to export or inport save data, and never worry about data lost.

Please refer to below pitures.
The 25Q16 memory of SKY has been demolished by myself, a 8-slots outlet strip instead, the 25Q16 memory on the right side has been connected with pins.
This is the picture that the memory has been inserted to SKY, now this memory is comparable to a storage card. W25Q16 is very cheap.
SKY has been inserted to the console.

NOTICE:If you are not so familiar with electronic knowledge or have no confidence to demolish by yourself, please DO not try it.