More featured updates for GATEWAY 3DS next firmware release!!

By | December 22, 2014

As GATEWAY 3DS users know, GW team is still working on supporting over v4.5 to v9.2. We waited too long, but now this update will be released soon according to GW official state, you can refer as below.

If you want to play games on your 3DS v9.2/9.3/9.4 via flashcart, we recommend R5SDHC/SKY3DS, especially SKY3DS, which released new batch of flashcart with a blue button and no game limit any more!!

We  know  many  Gateway  users  are  eagerly  anticipating our upcoming native firmware support for Systems over 4.5 up to 9.2.
We have currently implemented support for firmware versions 7.0 until 9.2 and adding support for lower versions every day.
We apologize for the  delay but want to reassure our users that it will be released soon.

Our  proven policy  is  not  to  rush  a  product for a quick shameless buck, but to release highly featured updates which are also future proof. All  Gateway  owners  have been enjoying our product for up to 18 months now and none of them regret their purchase. The same will remain for new users who we are sure will enjoy their Gateway, probably for the lifetime of their console.

Thank  you  for your support and we ask you for just a little more patience, our release is now just around the corner.