How to use GATEWAY 3DS firmware 2.7

Today we will introduce how to use GATEWAY 3DS firmware 2.7 in this post. First, we need to prepare something as below: GATEWAY 3DS flashcart*1(including blue card & red card) 3DS console*1(V4.1~V4.5) mirco SD card 1*1( to place GATEWAY 3DS blue card firmware ) micro SD card 2*1( to place 3DS roms ) SD card… Read More »

GATEWAY 3DS public release firmware 2.7

Good news! GATEWAY 3DS firmware 2.7 has been released today, and can support emunand 9.4!! You can download it here! DO NOT update sysnand to 9.3 or above,because they still working on sysnand 9.0 – 9.2 until it can be released. ******************************************************************************************* Today we present another quick update for our 4.5 users: Gateway OMEGA 2.7… Read More »

SKY3DS has released the latest Diskwriter 1.04 and confirmed test OK

Yesterdy SKY3DS just released the latest Diskwriter 1.04. You can download it here. And it has been tested that users can copy games via it successfullly, EEprom status were displayed as “NO”. Game-copy test, select “Verify” on the upper right. EEprom status will be displayed as “NO” once test finished, and you can test save… Read More »

How to use R4i Gold 3DS flashcart

The following things you need to prepare: *A R4i GOLD 3DS flashcart *A Micro SD or Micro SDHC card ranging from 1GB to 32GB 1.Download the latest R4i Gold 3DS firmware from the link here(,just extract it, then you will have a new folder called “Wood_R4iGold_V1.64” like below. 2.Copy the folder called “__rpg” and a… Read More »

GATEWAY 3DS will offer a solution for cheating function soon.

GATEWAY 3DS FLASH CARD IS THE PREMIER FLASHCARD FOR 3DS! Someone has sent a mail to GATEWAY 3DS team to ask whether they could support cheating function in the future.And GATEWAY said this solution will be solved out soon and bring us a professional and efficient amazing solution. So what we need to do is… Read More »

R4i GOLD 3DS/SKY3DS/R5SDHC support the lastest Nintendo 3DS system V9.3.0-21U.

To let 3DS users have more comfortable use experience, Nintendo has upgraded their 3DS system to V9.3.0-21U today.According to the official change logs issued by Nintendo, Many users will get more  funny features with their consoles update. However this will affect some 3DS flashcart users, as some flashcarts cannot be workable after Nitendo sysytem update… Read More »

Sky3ds 10-limit games cracked tool which saves perfectly[Sky3DScTool.exe]

Sky3ds 10-limit games cracked tool which saves perfectly[Sky3DScTool.exe] English version download here: SKY3DS 74,80€ R5SDHC 74,80€   Note: The crack has risk! 【Burning】 Test Environment: 1)1*NEW 3DS LL 9.2 2)1*SKY3DS 3)2*TF card TF card A: 10 roms + another 11th pocket rom TF card B: roms not these 10+1 roms To avoid confusion!!! Rationale: The 3DS game ROM by Sky3DSCrack Tool-converter allows sky3ds considered NoEEPROM format, with modifications template.txt sky3ds bypass authentication, ie let the outside limit of ten games archive… Read More »