R4i GOLD 3DS/SKY3DS/R5SDHC support the lastest Nintendo 3DS system V9.3.0-21U.

By | December 9, 2014

To let 3DS users have more comfortable use experience, Nintendo has upgraded their 3DS system to V9.3.0-21U today.According to the official change logs issued by Nintendo, Many users will get more  funny features with their consoles update. However this will affect some 3DS flashcart users, as some flashcarts cannot be workable after Nitendo sysytem update to V9.3.0-21U,or some flashcarts you need to upgrade to improve the compatibility. So we suggest you just stay on V9.2.0-20 or below.


The follwing flashcarts list have been tested that they can still support the latest V9.3.0-21U.

It will be a little delay for other flashcarts like GATEWAY 3DS to support V9.3.0-21, But we belive you needn’t wait too long , as GATEWAY team always response quickly to any update.


Change log:
● Additional payment options.
It’s possible to add the balance necessary to purchase, such as download software using the transportation system electronic money.
Adding balance on the New Nintendo 3DS / New 3DS LL can be done on the lower screen
Now There are nine kinds of payments acceptable, they are: “Suica”, “PASMO”, “Kitaca”, “TOICA”, “manaca (Manaka)”, “ICOCA”, “SUGOCA”, “nimoca”, “fast Kaken”.
※ PiTaPa is not available.
● Additional “amiibo Settings”.
I have to add an entry for the “amiibo Settings” to “HOME menu settings”.
You can register the owner and the nickname of amiibo, you will be able to or erase the data written to the amiibo.
※ Nintendo 3DS software corresponding to amiibo is expected to release in the future.
ALL 3DS [New Nintendo 3DS / New 3DS LL / 3DS / 3DS LL] ALL 3DS
● Feature additional “HOME menu”, improved convenience.
As you can enjoy a lot of themes, You have just added feature of “favorite shuffle”.
Also, for example, can screen shot captured the combined upper and lower screen, it has been improved convenience.
●Improvement of stability and convenience of the system.
To free users from bugs, glitches and most important, patch your fucking flashcards.