Related basics of GATEWAY 3DS flashcart (Firmware 2.5 or below) for 3DS tiros

By | December 19, 2014

In this post, we will continue to share related basics of GATEWAY 3DS firmware 2.5 or below.

1. What’s the diffrence of consoles of different language versions? What is the difference of choosing consoles of different languages  if I want to play games by flashcart? ( If you wan to play online ,you can refer to my reply in red. )
Because Nintendo’s restrictions, users only can run the games if the languages of  genuine cassettes and consoles are the same. For example, if your console version is US, you must buy genuine cassettes of US version, Other versions is the same. But if you play games by  flashcart, there’s no difference as GATEWY 3DS supports free region. Only one point you need to be noted that the patchs, free letter contents, DLC for some games can only be downloaded for corresponding language versions. For example, if you want to play Japanese Monster Hunter 4 and download game pathcs, you must login eshop with your console of JP version, otherwise the game patchs can not be reached by the console of other language versions (except Pokemon).But it’s a little different for online playing.Although online playing can support free region, some games still need to download the latest game patches if you want to play games online. So if you like playing online  or want to play online, the priorities to purchase consoles I recommend to you is : JP>US>EU.
free rigion
2.It is said the messy code will be displayed when you use your console to play the game of other regions. Which
language version (Console) can prevent this situation?
It is a fact that messy code will be displayed when play very few games of other regions,and this can not be completely eliminated. But the amount of games like this is very few. If  a game is using system character library of console, messy code may be displayed. But now, many games are using their own character library. So the very few games can be almost negligible.

3.What I need to buy if I want play games by using GATEWAY 3DS flashcart?
Nitendo 3DS (V4.1.0~V4.5.0)*1 set,GATEWAY 3DS (MT CARD) flashcart * 1 set, Micro SD card* 1, card reader* 1, of course you also need a PC.

4.If my console is under V4.1, how can I upgrade to V4.1~4.5 in order to use GATEWAY 3DS flashcart.
If your console version is JP, US, or EU, you can upgrade to V4.5 by using a genuine cassette of “Luigi’s Mansion”.

5. What’s the difference between SD card and TF card? What are they used for?
SD card is a memory card which is in 3DS console. (It is removable, a 4G/2G SD card is already in the 3DS LL/3DS XL/3DS when you purchase it. ), you can use it to save flashcart firmware, save data of flashcart, pictures, music, vedio, downloaded game patchs, DLC messages, downloaded games, 3DS dedicated software, emunand sysytem you made, and so on.
TF card is for the blue card of GATEWAY 3DS flashcard to save the firmware, NDS games of blue card, 3DS games of red card, and save data of flashcart(MT),etc.

6. Can I use a TF card and SD card set instead of the SD card of my console?
Yes, you can. And we recommend you do like this, so that it also can be used on other common devices ( such as cell phones, tablet computers… ) if you want to replace it.

7. How to crack? How to operate? Do I need to weld, reform the console, or any other technical skill is required?
We just crack the software, so physical manipulations of hardware is not requested. Buy the bule card of GATEWAY 3DS flashcart (It is also the NDS flashcart, can be insteaded by other NDS flashcart like DSTWO, 2014 R4I SDHC SILVER RTS flashcart… ). Then we can begin to crack. First we need get the firmware of blue card and the cracking program “Instller.nds”, copy these files to the root of TF card and insert TF card to blue card. Plug blue card to your 3DS and run “Installer.nds”. Select the corresponding  options according to the versions of your 3DS consoles.(EUR/USA/JAP/KOR). If you crack succesfully, please press A, then screen will be black for few seconds, the screen of shutdown will be shown, please shutdown your console and then restart.

8. How to play games if I have cracked? Where can I download game roms?
If the firmware of GATEWAY 3DS is 2.1, you need copy the firmware Launcher.dat to the root of your 3DS SD card if you have cracked. Then copy the game file “****.3ds” you downloaded to the rootof TF card, insert SD card and red card of flashcart, power on, and then enter into the “system settings” of wrench icon->”Other Settings” ->”User Information”->press and hold L->”DS soft settings”, you will enter into menu, select red shoes icon to enter into GATEWAY cracking mode, you can’t enter into  GATEWAY cracking mode if you haven’t  press and hold L in last step.Remenber one thing that you must repeat this operation if you want to play games by flashcart after power off or restart your system (It just like cracking PSP3000 09 mainboard ). After enter into cracking mode, press SELECT bottom one time, then youwill find the game roms you copied to your TF card(You can press L & R to switch and select games, and press A to load games).
Regarding where can download game roms, if you can find this post,I think you can also find where to daownload game roms.

9. I cracked successfully before and played 3DS games normally, but now it is always prompted “restart” when guiding to cracking mode. Why?
There are many reasons:
1)You played NDS games or you run blue card again.
2)Revised the user name, region of console.
3) Maybe there is something wrong with your SD card or compatibility.
If the first two cases, you need to crack once again by blue card. If the third case, please check whether you have inserted SD card, or your SD card contact is failured , SD card is damaged, firmware Launcher.dat is damaged.

10. Playing game is normal, but I can’t save data or save data is failured. What’s wrong?
Maybe the write-protect switch of your SD card is open, as this reason you can only read and can’t write. Or SD card contact is failured , SD card is damaged.

11. How to download game patch, demo game rom, software for 3DS? And how to buy charged DLC?
As you must upgrade your system to the latest version if you want to download something, However you can’t play game by using GATEWAY 3DS flashcart if you upgrade to new system,so at this time you need to make emunand system and login eshop to download by using  emunand system. Besides, you need to register Nintendo NNID if you want to buy DLC and download software for 3DS.

12. Is it nessesary to backup 4.5 system? How to backup and is it dangerous?
Yes, It’s nessesary to backup 4.5 system if you upgrade 3DS incorrectly, even suffer blue screen of death. So we suggest you backup 4.5 system even if you don’t want to make emunand system. Make sure the free space of SD card in your console is more than 1G. Press L to enter into GATEWAY menu, select “BACKUPSYSTEM NAND” to backup the 4.5 system of your console. After backup, you can enter into “red shoes ” mode and then shutdown, take out SD card and connect to card reader, copy NAND.BIN to your PC for saving.

13. How to backup emunand system? If I want to move it to another larger capacity card, how to do?
There are 3 steps for GATEWAY 3DS to backup emunand system. ( There is a precondition that your first emunand system must be made by GATEWAY 3DS, and the header information of emunand system must be GW style, otherwise the emuNAND tool cannot be available. )
1) Connect your 4G card to PC, backup the emunand system in your 4G card by emuNAND tool(Extract emuNAND buttom, the default file name is emunand.bin).
2) Connect your 8G card to PC, copy GATEWAY 2.6 firmware Launcher.dat to the root directory, then insert your card to 3DS, press and hold L, click “Nitendo DS profile” to enter in GATEWAY menu, execute “FORMAT EMUNAND”, format has been finished.
3) Connect your 8G card to PC, restore the backup to 8G card by emuNAND tool. Once it has been finished, copy all the files ( such as Nitendo folders, ***sav archives. ) in the 4G card to 8G card. (Please do not run the emunand system in your new SD card, until you copy Nitendo 3DS folders to it.)
Now everything is OK, you have moved successfully. You can download emuNAND tool here:emuNANDTOOL

14. Why the screen will be turned into black when I run some games like Monster Hunter 4?
As this is a request for firmware 2.1~2.4B that SD card should have enough available space. To solve this problem, you can move the files in your SD card of console and emunand system to another larger SD card by emuNAND tool. And I suggest you make a emunand system once again by a larger capacity card more than 8G.
15. After I play Monster Hunter 4, I couldn’t play other cracked games when I exit it everytime, and I always need to guide the steps of cracking mode again, Why?
This is because that you need restart system when exit the games normally. In order to solve this problem, please press HOME and don’t press A to end the game, just switch to other 3DS software function modules like camera, safety

16. How to upgrade emunand system? Is it safe? Why I always upgrade fail and restart?
You must upgrade emunand system in “system settings” to avoid upgrading the original V4.5, we’d better complete all the operations in one time and make sure a version number like “GW3D*****” will be dispalyed on the bottom right of up screen and don’t exit “system settings”, creat a Wifi connection, and then select “other settings” ->console update to
upgrade for ensuring the safety. If upgrade failed and restart, it will be returned to original V4.5, in this case, we
need to enter into GW mode once again, comfirm “GW3D” version number, then continue to upgrade, you can also set up the DNS of wifi connection as and manually,repeated failure is normal as it’s very unstable. Or you can change the time or the the network environment to try it again, we suggest you to upgrade early in the morning or in the midnight as the success rate is higher.

17. I bought a used console and want to restore factory settings to initialize my console, is there anything harmful if I do?
We suggest users not to restore factory settings if unnessary, othewise the encrypted authentication and FC code of your console will be changed ( console SN is the same as original), this means all the encrypted data on your SD card will be invalid, such as the patches you download from eshop, game roms, DLC, and so on, your console can’t recognize the files and datas in your SD card, in biefly, you need to download all the files in eshop once again. For the contents you have download records, maybe you can download them one more time, but it is a waste of time undoubtedly.

18. Can I use a genuine cassette, or play downloaded games, or play online by using emunand system?
Yes, you can use genuine cassette,even region free to use genuine cassette, you can also play downloaded genuine game roms and play online by emunand system, it’s no difference with real system.( You can’t play online if you want to play the games of other regions )

19. Why I(JP console) can’t battle with my friend (EU console) to play Mario Tennis by face to face connection?
All the games of Nintendo itsself have language restrictions except Pokemon, and request the 3DS consoles of both two parties who play online must be the same game languages. For example, New Super Mario Bros. 2,as you needn’t to create a room for playing online, so the game language of two parties must be the same,all are JP versions, or all are US versions. Another example of Mario Racing and Mario Tennis, we need to create a room for playing online, this request the languages of hoster console and game rom must be same, then hoster can create a room, otherwise an error will be prompted, and the language of client console must be the same as hoster console, then the clinet could join to battle.
20.Why “your archive is damaged” is prompted when I run PokemonXY by the latest firmware?

Under the screen of this prompt, you can select “yes” two times to delete your archive by pressing “↑+B+X”.

21. We can’t play Pokemon by face to face connection, even if the language of two consoles and games are the same, why?
Pokemon is one of the few games of Nitendo which support free region for playing online currently, there is only one preconditon that your current system  must be above V6.1.0. , so please find a way to upgrade your emunand system above V6.1.0.
22. It is said that the save data is in SD card of console, but I couldn’t find the save data for Pokemon XY, why? How to backup and share my save data?
The NAND save data like Pokemon,Animal Crossing, is saved in game roms, in other words, the game rom in the TF card of red card contains your save date. If you want to backup or share it, you need to copy the whole rom, or you can extract the save data of Pokemon XY via GW tool cart2sav(This method is applicable to Pokemon as we have’t test on other games ).

23. Is it meaningful to stremline your game roms?
Yes,it is. Because this can save more free space for you, but we can’t guarantee whether there is any problems or not. You can perform common streamline , and avoid super streamline or streamline the games of NAND storage format like Pokemon. Regarding how to streamline, we recommend Gateway3DSHelper1.1.1.

24. “Fragmentation error” is prompted when I press SELECT to choose a game, how to solve this problem?
You can delete this game and copy it to your TF card once again. If it still can’t be solved, please rule out the possibility that the game rom is not complete, or there is something wrong with your TF card. You can format your TF card by SD Formatter, format into exFAT format by Win7 system, and then copy the game rom to your TF card once again.

25.The TF card which has been formated can be read normally in PC, and the MD5 code for checksuming rom files is also normal. But “no games found ” is prompted when I want to select a game, I have formated and recopied many times,but it doesn’t work, why?
First please rule out TF quality problems and make sure your TF card is not a extended capacity card. Then format it by SDFormatter and format it into exFAT format by win7 PC. Copy your game roms to TF card one more time , try it again.

26. The screem will be turned into black after guide cracking mode. The background music of “system settings ” is still
playing on, but I can’t enter into cracking mode and my console is under a pseudo-crash status, how to do?
Maybe there are some compatibility issues with your SD card of console,or format issues, I suggest you to replace SD
card to try it once again. If the SD card of your console is TF card + SD card adapter, you can use another adapter to combine with your TF card. Or you can backup your SD card, then format it by SDFormatter, copy flaschart frimware to the root of  SD card and try it again.

27.My TF card can be read by PC, but can’t be read by blue card of GATEWAY flashcart, how to do?
If you ever write 3ds games by using winImage32, it may cause some inexplicable error like this.You can format by
SDFormatter, and then copy the blue card firmware to your TF card.

28.When I run the blue card, many characters displayed as unreadable codes or question mark, how to do?
It is because of the language pack of bule card firmware.You can press start in main menu, select settings to enter
into R4 to set up your language as English, or you can use other GW bule card firmwares instead.

29. How to quickly identify current system is emunand system or original system?
There are three ways to identify:
1) If your emunand system has been upgraded to the latest version, a Miiverse icon of green villain will be displayed on the top right corner of below screen, it is emunand system if you can found this icon,otherwise it’s original system.
2) You can set the nunbers of rows(for example, 2 rows ) of original system icon when power on, once you guide the cracking mode, you can change the number of rows ( for example, 3 rows),as emunand system and origianl system can’t affect the arrangement of icons, so it’ emunand system when the icon displayed as 2 rows,it’s original system when the icon displayed as 3 rows.
3)If your emunand system has been upgraded above v9.0, then you can revise the color of theme and don’t select gray any more.

30. What does “one upgrade, others will be upgraded” mean? Is there any other ways to upgrade?
It means that 3DS console can be upgraded to the same system version as another console by downplay.We always upgrade in this way by playing Luigi’s Mansion 2. You need to use GW firmware v1.2 to pass chapter 4, then turn on online mode, you can upgrade other consoles in this way, which request the languages of hoster console, game roms, the target console to be upgraded must be same. Hoster console can create a room, other consoles can open the downplay program in the  on desk. You will get a prompt of system upgrade once you connect successfully.
31. Where is my save data? I couldn’t find it.
There are 3 kinds of save data:
1)The format of save data for card 1 is as ****.sav, you can find all this files in the root of SD card.
2)The save data of card 2 is in game rom itsself, that is to say the game roms like ***.3ds or ***.3dz in your TF card.
3)Some special format. The save data of these games is the same as the downloaded games, it has been saved in a subfolders of Nintendo 3DS folder in SD card, it has nothing to do with that the game rom is in card 1 or card 2. Currently I only know the save data of Fantasy Life and Fantasy Life are like this.

32. Why I can’t run Biohazard Revelations and Donkey Kong Returns?
As the TF card of FAT32 format can’t support to run the file above 4G, so you need to streamline your game roms which is 4G or above, or you can also format TF card into exFAT format.
33.My emunand system is made by GW firmware 2.0b2, Do I need to upgrade emunand system once again if I update higher firmware version?
No, you needn’t.the emunand systems of higher firmware, firmware v2.02b and other firmwares between these two version all quote the same location until now, so there is no need to upgrade your emunand system again.

34. I backup V4.5 system,how to ensure that the backup is no problem?
Currently it’s unable to verify whether is there any problem with your backup, because you need to run 3DS system when backup somthings, so some contents related with the system will be changed, the MD5 code will be different after backup.

35. I dump and backup the game roms of genuine cassette, but there are always errors and fail. Why?
Maybe the free space of your SD card is not enough as the rom files is saved to the SD card of console after dump, so please make sure there is eoungh space to save these files.

36. When I upgrade firmware 2.1, it prompt that red card upgrade failed, and the error code is 00000019, how to solve the problem?
This is because the 6th pin of the red card chip is loose, you can remove the stickers and fix it with gum paste, or you can ask a friend who have skills to fix it by a electric soldering iron with temperature controller.

37. How to prevent accidental upgrade?
1) You can create 3 wrong wifi connections under real v4.5 system (wrong pasdd word or wrong hotspot names, if the 3 connections all have been set up, it won’t be in sync with the emunand system).
2) You can play genuine cassette under classic mode, if you don’t want to play, take out your cassette and don’t leave it in your console.
3) Make sure you are under emunand system when you want to connect face to face.
4) Stow you console properly, keep it away from naughty kids to prevent accidental upgrade.
38. I forget the password of “Parental controls “, how to do?
You can check the 8 numbers of advisory number to calculate the master code by 3DS_parental_tool. If the advisory number is 10 numbers, you can log in Nintendo’s official website to contact customer service.
39. My friend can run downloaded Mario Tennis on his console under V4.5 system,but I can’t run on my console under v4.5 system, why?
A downloaded game can be run under v4.5 or not is depending on the system version when you download the game rom first time is v4.5 or below. As the system version is v4.4 when your friend download the game rom first time, so he can run the game under v4.4 or above version. But the system version when you download it is v6.3, so you can only run the game rom under v6.3 or above version.Other 3DS dedicated softwares, downloaded games, demo games, simulator games is the same token. Notice: This conclusion is only suitable for the console which is v4.5 and the emunand system had never been restored to factory settings.

40. All the patches and DLC which I download under emunand system  is lost,why?
The format of system file can be compatible with below system , for example, if your emunand system is v7.1, all the save data and files which download from eshop under v4.5,can be read, otherwise your emunand system v4.5 can not read the save data and files you download under v7.1, so when it return to v4.5, please don’t check the download data in the system settings, otherwise all the “illegal content” which can not be read by v4.5 will be deleted.

41. If I want to upgrade my GW firmware 2.1 to better firmwre version, what I need to do? I upgrade refer to manuanl, but I can’t see the progress bar of upgrade, why?
You can replace the Launcher.dat directly.Regarding the progress bar, maybe the firmware version of red card is too low and need to upgrade, but the card  you newly purchased has beedn upgraded, so there is no progress bar of upgrade.

42. You can achive online function by GW flashcart whick firmware version is above v2.2, how to play on line?
You need a complete game rom which has a correct file Header and is named as 3dz to play online.The method of online for the game rom which is dumped via GW firmware by other players is the same as the naormal console. You can get file header by dumping geniune cassette or being shared by others.

43. The amount of complete 3dz game roms is few and I don’t want to play those. Is there any other methods to play prior clean roms online?
Yes, you can make your roms complete by injecting file headers, then you can play them online. You can get the file headers by dumping geniune cassette or being shared by others(Note:it is unnecessary to correspond with the roms, but we can not guarantee that all information header is generic,most of the games still need a corresponding language version, generally speaking, the same languages is ok, for example, the success rate to write JP information header into a JP rom is higher than write into a US rom).

44. I have upgrade the red card firmware from 2.2 to 2.3b or above, but I couldn’t enter into red shoes mode or classic mode. Why?
If you want to enter into the racking mode, you need to insert the GW red card to your console from the update of firmware 2.3b. Otherwise you can not startup cracking mode.

45.I download 3dz save data from of others’, “Data corruption” is prompted on my console, the previous 3ds save data
can be available, why can not be used now?
All the 3dz save data is with a secret key and are not generic. So it can be available if you get the same secret key information of the save data.Some friends who share their save date always share their 3dz roms or the ID information header of the roms, inject the information header to the roms in your TF card, then the downloaded save data will be available. As the save data of roms like ***.3ds is not with  a secret key, so 3ds roms is generic.

46.I have a JP 3DS and a US 3DS, can I played these two consoles online? Why I could’t play Monster Hunter 4 by my US console?
If the latest patch is not requested or you can get the patch, then you can play the game online. so it’s nothing to do with your console and just depends on the game, you can play online with region free. If the pathch is requested for the game and you can’t download it, I am so sorry that I can’t do anything. As this reasons, you can’t play JP Monster Hunter 4 online on your US console, because you can’y download the game patch.
47. I am worried about that my SD card will be damaged in one day, but upgrade 4.5 emunand system again is a waste of time, how to backup emunand system?
You can backup the emunand system in your SD card by emuNAND_tool, if your emunand system is damaged and can not run, when you replace your SD card, you can write back the emunand system of backup to your SD card (Please remenber to backup the save data in your SD card to prevent any accidents.)
You can download emuNAND_tool v1.0.1 here.

48. I changed 3ds roms into 3dz roms, the previous save data is lost, how to do?
As the save data is not generic, the save data of before 3ds roms has been replaced by the save data of 3dz.So remenber to backup your save data befre run the game when your 3ds roms have beens revised to 3dz roms.

49. Where is the game patch I downloaded under emunand system? Will it be useful after I backup the datas in PC?
The game patch is in the “title” file of ” Nitendo 3DS”. I recommend you backup it in PC to prevent loss. Besides, these patches will be useful which you download under a old emunand system even if you redo the emunand system and upgrade it to the latest version(A preconditon that won’t restore to factory settings, so that the encryption methods of  your new emunand system, original v4.5 system, and old emunand system are the same.)

50. How to sort the game roms?
We recomend Gateway3DSHelper to sort game roms.

51. What’ is dual system?
Dual system is the different FC identification number which is not under the same encryption methods (FC will be randomly generated and registered after you set up your mii image and start to network in first time ). There will be two long strings of encoded subfolders in the “Nientendo 3DS ” file of of your console SD card and correspond to 4.X and emunand systems(We can assume the original system file is called “real”, and the emunand system is “xnand” temporarily).
How to make dual system: first you can make a emunand system, then take out SD card and  return to original v4.x system to initialize and restore factory settings.The advantage of dual system: You can download the contents to the ” xnand” folder from eshop, the real system will not interfere with the contents of this folder, even in the data managment of system settings under v4.5, the contents will not be automatically deleted as “illegal content”. The disadvantage of dual system: 1) As the real system will not interfere with the operation of xnand, it will only read and write the “real” folder, so some contents which was available under v4.5 originallly can be only run under GW mode. Fof example, if you bought and downloaded the Wario Land 4 and New super Mario Bors. 2 when your console system is v4.4. these two games could have been run under v4.5 as the normal rules that whether you can run a game or not is depending on the system version you download it in the first time . These two games can be run under v4.5, so they should have been run under emunand system 8.1. But as it is dual system, you must enter into emunand system if want to run these two game roms.The 20 game roms of ambassador 3DS,all software & free software & DLC and other contents you bought normally when your console system is below v4.5 all have the same problem. 2) As you know that you buy the DLC all in the corresponded games no matter wheher they are charged or not. Some DLC which the purchase records can’t support or can’t correspond to NNID purchase records may result in some unnecessary losses, especially for the old game roms before the launch of NNID membership rule, such as Fire Emblem, New super Mario Bros.2 and so on, when you purchanse the DLC of these games, the date will be saved to your real folder which should have been saved to the xnand folder of emunand system . As this reson, you can use the DLC only one time when you purchanse it, it will be not available when you exit the game, and when you return to your game to check the purchase status of DLC, maybe it will be displayed as “not buy” but you can find the purchase records in eshop. So I repeat it again that restoring factory settings will make the records of download and purchase disordered for those consoles which purchased DLC. We recommend users not to restore factory settings as the bad outweigh the good (Unless you have a greater security needs, for example you have downloaded the upgrade package under vs4.x).
52. It’s too long to upgrade emunand system 4.5 to higher emunand system.Is there any way to save time?
Yes,there are 3 ways we suggest you can have a try:
1) Press and hold “↑”  before you enter into red shoes, run a game rom which hase the same language version with your console, it will remind you ro upgrade, please select “yes” to upgrade.
2) You can upgrade with the help of another console which is the same language with yours and the system version is higher. For example, you can run Mario Party with the same language as your console, create an online room. Open the wifi of your emunand sysytem v4.5 console, search the game room by “Download play ” function, enter into the room and it will remind you to upgrade v6.2 system. You can upgrade your emunand sysytem to v6.2, and then upgrade by your emunand system v6.2 to save time.
3) Guide the classic mode upgrade of emunand system by using a genienue cassettte which is with a v7.1 system upgrade package.(I am not sure the genienue cassettte (v7.2 or above sysytem ) is available or not ).

53. Why can’t ignore the last two numbers of emunand system version number?
I have tested that GW3D8.1.0-10J can’t recognize the contents you download under GW3D7.1.0-16J system and GW3D8.1.0-19J system.The last two numbers won’t change if upgrade by game roms. This means even if you won’t resotre factory settings , redo by using game roms and upgrade the emunand system 8.1.0-XXj, althogh the version is the same as 8.1.0-YYJ which you upgrade online normally. But if XX is different with YY, XXj can’t recognise the contents you download under YYj. So if you download v9.0 upgrade package mistakenly, please consider more carefully to redo the emunand system, otherwise your system verison will be lower than 19J, all the patch, DLC, non ***. Sav save data (such as Fantasy Life, Pokemon)  which you download under previous 8.1.0-19J can not be recgonised.
version number