Related basics of GATEWAY 3DS flashcart (Firmware 2.6 or above) for 3DS tiros

By | December 19, 2014

In this post, we will share some basic knowledges of GATEWAYT 3DS firmware 2.6 or above with 3DS tiros.
Q1: What are CIA,3DZ,3DS,DLC,patch and file header? What’s the difference between them? Do they have any associations?
CIA: File name likes ***.cia. You can use the installation package if your GATEWAY firmware is 2.6 or above(MT card firmware is 2.2 or above). After installation is completed, the content is equivalent to that you download from eshop.Please run Devmenu.3ds or BigBlueMenu.3ds ( All of them have corresponding CIA pakages) via TF of the red card, find the CIA installation package in your console SD card in the “import” row, run and install it.
3DZ: File name likes ***.3dz, in briefly , 3DZ=3DS+file header, this is the precondition to disguise as a genuine cassette.
3DS: File name likes ***.3ds, generally you can get this kind of rom file from internet.
PATCH: The format can be CIA, or the file you download from eshop and automatically install in your console. 3DS+PATCH=The preconditon of oline play.
DLC: Full name is download content. The format can also be CIA or the content you pay and download from eshop.

Q2:CIA can be installed to any cracked consoles of any language version, can these files be deleted? How to do?
You can delete the CIA file fromm the data managment of emunand sysytem, or the “program” list of Devmenu and Title Manager. (There’s a preconditon that you know what’s the contents corresponding to the numbers )

Q3:How to get CIA? Can I make it by myself?
You can make it by yourself, but only for those content which is already in your console. And the encryption method of 4.x sysytem and emunand system must be same, otherwise you can’t get it successfully. Remenber one thing once you have emunanded system, the real system of your console can be restored to factory settings.

Q4:When you gonna to update your emunand system, which step is the most dengerous for updating your real 4.x system?
When checking the GW3D, withdraw from the settings, then it will be restarted normally and back to ver 4.*.0 -**J, not GW3D 4.*.0-**J any more. No matter check the version number ,set up WIFI, or upgrade, please operate all these in wrench icon, never withdraw once you view the verion number. In shortly, you’d better check the version number, set up WIFI, update only in one time when you upgrade your system.