SKY3DS has released the latest Diskwriter 1.04 and confirmed test OK

By | December 10, 2014

Yesterdy SKY3DS just released the latest Diskwriter 1.04. You can download it here.
And it has been tested that users can copy games via it successfullly, EEprom status were displayed as “NO”.

Game-copy test, select “Verify” on the upper right.
EEprom status will be displayed as “NO” once test finished, and you can test save data function well on your console, no any effect.

Tried to decompile 1.02 and 1.04, you can refer to the follwing two pictures by Screenshot.
Please find the differences, I have marked in red.

Test results: If you copy the transfered game roms via the latest Diskwriter 1.04 and modified template.txt, it is still displayed as “NO”, so the save data is available.