SKY3DS Modification Proposal 2: How to save 10+ games data without putting the memory outside, electronic knowledge is not requested

By | December 4, 2014

I have posted a blog about how to save 10+ game data this before with SKY3DS, you can reffer to it here.

But some friends told me the outside memory is easy to be accidentally knocked off. So today I have thought out anther solution and it has been tested by myself.

I planned to make a card pedestal of W25Q16 by myself, and thought the package of W25Q16 is precisely a card pedestal, it was been packed in a little pedestal when I bought it, the little pedestal just can contain a W25Q16 memory. So we can start our modification now.

The things you need prepare:SKY3DS flashcard, 25Q16 memory, the package of W25Q16.
First please remove the W25Q16 from SKY(Be noted that the small dot of memory chip is in switch position and you must put it with right direction) . The most difficult thing is to remove W25Q16, you can do it slowly and carefully.Once you have removed the W25Q16, you can process the 8 welding feet more smoothly, then cut the bottom of W25Q16 package as below.
Put the memory into the frame.
Mend the sdies of frame,then put it on the board of SKY.
Put memory on it and adjust to make sure the position is right. You can take out 25Q16 memory when adjustment is finished. Then fix the frame with glue, do not add too much glue, othewise 8 welding feet will be covered.
Done it.
Now we can cover the SKY with covers.If W25Q16 is a little loose, you can stick a small piece of paper onto W25Q16 memory via double sided tape.

Insert TF card to SKY, now you can enjoy the your game.