The official tutorial of savedata and restore backup for SKY3DS flashcart

By | January 4, 2015

SKY3DS has updated the user instrution officially!! Now you can save or restore your game data correctly which you fight so hard, and don’t need to worry about losing your save data!! Please refer to the following content about how to save data and restore backup.
1. Switch to next game
Press red / blue button , sky3ds will save EEPROM to micro SD card, it will skip to next game, at the same time,will read this game save data with EEPROM to micro SD card, then you can start to play.

2. Restore single game savedata from PC
With your sky3ds on 3DS, switch to other game(not the game you need to restore save data), and poll out the micro SD card , insert with adapter to connect with PC.
Open Diskwrite tool to do single game “Restore Save”option from one of your“.sav”files, insertSky3ds with microSD card into 3DS Slot, press red/blue button and cycle to the game (you need to restore save data one) and enjoy.
Note:If you forgot switch to other game , please follow step 4.

3. Restore all games savedata
Open Diskwriter tool to do “File”->“Restore Save data”, save file to PC , insert Sky3ds with micro SD card into 3DS Slot.
Then follow the step 4 did.

4. Initial SKY3DS
Power on your 3ds console , hold to press red/blue button with finger, insert to 3DS Slot with your sky3ds , it will not disappear any game icon on screen. Poll out sky3ds and insert to 3DS again , the LED light will flashing fast, the game icon still doesn’t disappear.Again, poll out sky3ds and insert to 3DS, LED light flashing and turn off in few seconds, this means the first game save data has been read EEPROM normally from Micro SD card, you can play to enjoy it.